Use the GCEC e-bill system

For your convenience, we provide an easy, quick way to pay your electric bill online. Just click the SmartHub icon, and have your password and account number ready available to activate your online billing. It’s a simple painless way to make your monthly electricity payment.

Understanding your GCEC bill

The keys to your GCEC electric bill:


1. Address of Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative
2. Phone Numbers of Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative
3. Members Name and Address
4. Members Account Number
5. Members Name
6. Meter Number
7. Billing Period
8. Service Address
9. Previous Balance
10. Payments Made
11. Late Charges paid
12. Other Adjustments
13. Balance Prior to this Billing
14. Information Message
15. Detail for Current Charges
  • Energy is Kilowatt hours used multiplied by the rate
  • Power cost recovery factor is the difference between estimated and actual cost of power, multiplied by the KWH used
  • Base fee is the basic charge for service
  • Any other charges such as outdoor lighting would be listed in this section
16. Tax Information where applicable for town and franchise tax
17. Totals
18. Payment Coupon
19. Credit Card Payment Option
20. Energy Usage History
21. Temperature History
22. Member Information Update Form
23. Directions to the Member Handbook and Bylaws to find explanations and definitions of other terms
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